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Bootcamp Workout in BOOK Format
Bootcamp Workout in BOOK Format
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Newly updated for the 2020 changes in PT Test / Training Standards...

Why show up at the your Bootcamp or Service Academy unprepared for the physical fitness test? You would be surprised but many people are physically unprepared for life in the military when they arrive. Why make life your first time away from home any more stressful than it already is? If you show up fit and able to pass your respective PFT easily, the fitness part of bootcamp will be a STRESS releaser - not a STRESS INCREASER...

You have to take a running test - so run! You have to take a swimming test - so swim! And you have to do pushups and situps and some bootcamps have to do pullups - so practice those calisthenics and cardio events!

This workout takes you through TEN tough weeks of boot camp and basic training preparation for ALL services. Some branches have different fitness tests and standards and this book helps you figure out what workout will best prepare you.

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