The DEA PTT Workout (softcover book)

The DEA PTT Workout Book
The DEA PTT Workout Book
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This is the new and updated workout plan that features the changes in the DEA Fitness Test. Now, the FBI and the DEA use the same fitness test exercises: Situps, 300m sprint, pushups, and a 1.5 mile run.

The Academy is still one of the tougher federal law enforcement training programs this country offers and this program addresses the training you will see in your future after the selection fitness test.

The new workout focuses on the DEA PTT as well as the high rep calisthenics / miles of running you will do at the Academy.

For the added fitness requirements needed at the Academy, this ebook has been helpful to many present DEA agents for since 2003, updated in 2016. Challenge yourself with the high reps /speed / endurance workouts in this program.


"Thanks Stew - I am a DEA agent now and breezed through the PTT thanks to your ebook. I could barely pass the PTT prior to your ebook but after doing it twice, I crushed it. The Academy was TOUGH, but I was able to suck it up and push through after experiencing similar workouts in your workout."

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