FLETC Ten Week Workout (Coil Bound Softcover)

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Federal Law Enforcement Officers attend FLETC - Learn how to ace the PEB with this program and make the physical part of training a stress reliever, not a stress increaser so you are able to concentrate on learning your job!! This TEN week workout program will prepare you for the PEB as well as the rigors of your training program.

The printed version of Stew Smith's Workouts present the same workout but in a different format. If you want the printed version click the button below and make sure in the shipping methods you click the priority mail shipping. This is not downloadable - It will be mailed via USPS.

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"This is a commercial fitness site and not affiliated in any way with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center - The use of the words FLETC does not imply nor infer any endorsement, either explicit or implicit, by the Federal Government or any law enforcement agency"