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Spec Ops PT Club (52 Week Course) Monthly Deal
OPTION TO PAY MONTHLY (Recurring Payment Course)

Now a Special Ops based fitness program has reached its 200th week of programming featuring the latest techniques and training used by ALL Special Operation Forces in the United States military and law enforcement (SWAT).


Join us as we create a perfect Year Plan that includes functional movement weight training, high rep calisthenics, sprinting / agilities, long distance running / rucking, swimming, swimming with fins, TRX, Kettlebells and other cardio and resistance training options. These events are spread throughout the year in a logically progressive routine to create increases in strength, speed, stamina, endurance, as well as prevent injury.

Programs Follow Periodization Training Guidelines:

The Science of Periodization: The program follows a 52-week periodization cycle complete with scheduled peaks and tapers of running and/or rucking, swimming or other non impact cardio, calisthenics, weights, and the TRX. The workouts are new to the public and tested out personally by our group prior to publishing. We focus on creating logical progressions spread out over a period of a year.

ONLY $100 for a full year of new and unpublished workouts. OR PAY MONTHLY ONLY $15 / MONTH WITH RECURRING PAYMENTS VIA PAYPAL.COM (UNSUBSCRIBE ANY TIME)

Here is what you get for $15/month: 4 weeks of 6 workouts per week = 24 workouts. Links to the latest videos / articles developed by Stew Smith Fitness. Video critiques of your swimming, running, lifting, calisthenics etc...and more.

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