ARMY PFT / CFT Workout Book

Army PFT / CFT Workout in PRINT!!
Army PFT / CFT Workout in PRINT!!
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Are you about to enter Basic Combat Training, OCS, ROTC, or attend West Point? No matter where you are in the Army, mastering the PFT, ACFT, and the OPAT is not just good for you but good for your career.

So if are you in the Army and want a better grade on the Army physical fitness test or a new recruit wanting to be prepared - learn how here! You too can ace the pushups, situps and 2 mile run with these proven workouts that will help men and women take the stress of fitness testing and turn it into stress relief. It works - ask Stew Smith at

Now, you cannot just prepare for the PFT (pushups, situps, 2 mile run) you have to ace the OPAT at Basic Combat Training, and the new fitness test that should be implemented 2020 is the Army Combat Readiness Test. This program answers all the elements of the tests from dead lifts, shuttle runs, leg rucks, pushups, situps, and 2 mile runs as well as rucking preparation.

Proven Training Course of Instruction!

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