Join the 52 Week Club for Beginners (only $99)

The Online 52 Week Training Cycle for Beginners
The Online 52 Week Training Cycle for Beginners
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Product Description


This is a 52 Week program that emails you ten or more workouts per week to choose from that can be done with a gym membership using machines or at home using very little equipment (dumbbells / floor space).

Fill out the questionnaire below as well as feel free to email Stew Smith - your trainer / author of these workouts.

You will receive each week a program that has five workouts for a home gym or weight room as well as five workouts using basic calisthenics / dumbbells. Cardio workouts enable you to select from several different options from walking, biking, elliptical, swimming, rowing, etc. But basically at this level of foundational fitness, we want you to just move and you can select the method that you want to burn the fat calories off your body.

What you get: weekly workouts emailed to you

- email the author with specific questions for your goals

- food plans

- motivational phrases and stories to keep you going

Join us as we do the workouts for a solid year and help you stay motivated and moving toward your fitness goals.