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The Periodization Trilogy
The Periodization Trilogy
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If you are interested in breaking up your training over the course of the year to focus on optimizing different athletic skills / events, consider periodization. See link below on the science of periodization. It is no different than when you once had pre-season training, in - season training - and recovery / post season training in variety of sports in high school / college. Now try it with your strength, muscle stamina, speed, agility, endurance, and muscle mass.

Here are the books that contain periodization style training programs:

#1: Navy SEAL Weight Training book is the answer to how to add weights to the Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness Workout (12 weeks to BUDS). It is a combination of weights, calisthenics, running, rucking, and swimming.

#2: Tactical Fitness is a 24+ week workout plan that prepares you for the Tactical Fitness Test I developed - Called the Dirty Dozen. It includes lifting, calisthenics, running, swimming, rucking, and the use of gear to add to your tactical workouts like tires, ropes, logs, TRX, etc. AND if you do not have that type of gear - how you can simulate it in the gym.

#3: Maximum Fitness is a 52 Week workout plan that breaks up the year into 4 x 13 week quarters. There is a calisthenics / cardio based cycle, a hardcore calisthenics, running, swimming cycle, a weights and calisthenics mix with run, bike, swim cycle, and a pure lifting cycle for building mass (less calisthenics), easy on the impact (more bike / swim than running).

Rucking is included in the Tactical Fitness and Navy SEAL Weight Training books as well.

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If you want to replace one of the books with another from the Stew Smith Published list, let us know in the comments section. Tactical Strength is the latest book by Stew Smith and has been popular trade for any of the previous three titles.

More about Periodization - link below: