Spec Ops Tri: Run – Swim – Ruck (plus devil’s mile) – “NIGHT OPS” July 12 - 5pm Check in...

Special Ops Triathlon Event - Run-Swim-Ruck
Special Ops Triathlon Event - Run-Swim-Ruck
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Every quarter we put on a fundraising triathlon and raise money for a local institution that does so much for the community and us! See more info below and check out the Severna Park Community Center and how it helps our future military and first responders and so much more: https://www.spcommunitycenter.org/

FRIDAY - July 12 - 5pm - Spec Ops Tri Information below:

July 12: Check in 5pm Friday afternoon – at the Severna Park Community Center. The Swim will begin at 530pm.

5:30pm: Insertion — via swimming 1 mile with fins (pool). If you use fins you have to carry them with you on the run/ruck and there is no changing out in dry clothes. Stay wet! 6pm: Infiltration — 5 mile ruck to your target.

7-730pm: Actions on Objective: Two Events of Devils Mile: Bear Crawl / Lunges (1/4 mile each)

8:30pm: Exfiltration — 5 mile run

8:30-9pm: Two Events of Devils Mile: Fireman Carry / burpee broad jump (1/4 mile each)

9-9:30pm: Extraction — Make the last mile a hot extract. Run 4 x 400m sprints with a 100m walk but injured man has to be carried between 4 man team during the 100m walk.

Mission Complete: by 10pm

So, in this order, the Spec Ops Triathlon is a Swim, Ruck, Run with some added PT / sprints for a full challenge. It is a fundraiser for the non-profit Severna Park Community Center that let's my Heroes of Tomorrow program train there at no cost to my students / me. This is our way to say thanks for helping our future military, police, fire fighters, SWAT, Special Ops members. Please help if you can, join us, or try it remote from your location.

$100 civilian / $25 for military candidates, delayed entry, active duty, police, fire, emt (first responders) - But give what you can - this is a fundraiser. SEE BELOW:


Active Duty Mil, Police, Fire Fighter
Pay only $25 to join the event, but since this is a fund raiser TRY to see if you can get some sponsors and a few more dollars to donate to this great cause.

It is not required and you can donate cash or check at the door. You can also go to www.spcommunitycenter.org and click the donate button as well.

Thanks for signing up and if you want some training programs prior please email me at stew@stewsmith.com.
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