Spec Ops Triathlon at the SPCC in Severna Park Maryland (Quarterly) (March 2, 2 PM- run, ruck - mystery PT - swim)

Special Ops Triathlon:  Run - Swim - Ruck (Mar 2 - 2pm start)
Special Ops Triathlon: Run - Swim - Ruck (Mar 2 - 2pm start)
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Reserve your spot now for the Spec Ops Triathlon:

We will set the date in the next month with about 6 weeks notice.

Spec Ops Triathlon: swim, run, ruck, mystery PT

Saturday 2 March: 130pm - Meet in the Severna Park Community Center Lobby. 2pm start - run / ruck / pt - 4pm start swim portion. Done by 5pm

Run 50 minutes, Ruck 50 minutes, Swim 50 minutes - max distance wins! Mystery PT mixed in doing sets of 50 throughout.

Join us virtually, get a training plan, patch and know that your donation goes 100% to the Community Center that allows the Heroes of Tomorrow to train for free 500-600 hours a year!

Located in Severna Park Maryland at the Severna Park Community Center. (more about the SPCC - www.spcommunitycenter.org) 100% tax deductible donation.

Event Price: $99 civilians / $25 mil, police, fire, Vets

The goal is to try to get people to donate at least $99 and then your entry fee is waived. You can pay the day of the event if you wish, but you need to reserve your spot. (Email me - stew@stewsmith.com)

Active military, police, fire fighters, vets - the fee is $25 and you can pay on the day of the event. But try to get a few "sponsors" to help out the cause or get a Heroes of Tomorrow T Shirt to help too.

Reserve personal spot or group spots by contacting Stew Smith at stew@stewsmith.com.


Special Ops Triathlon plus Mystery PT:

1:30pm - Check in at the SPCC Lobby

2:00 - Insertion: 50 minute run (mixed with PT stops)

3:00 - Infiltration: 50 minute ruck (mixed with PT stops)

4:00 - Exfil / Extraction: 1 mile swim with fins.

5:00pm - End OPS

Join us and help make this event a fun and challenging event for the Heroes of Tomorrow and the Severna Park Community Center.


Active Duty Mil, Police, Fire Fighter
Pay only $25 to join the event, but since this is a fund raiser TRY to see if you can get some sponsors and a few more dollars to donate to this great cause.

It is not required and you can donate cash or check at the door. You can also go to www.spcommunitycenter.org and click the donate button as well.

Thanks for signing up and if you want some training programs prior please email me at stew@stewsmith.com.
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Active Duty Mil, Police, Fire Fighter activeduty