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Team Building / Mission Planning / Train to Compete
Team Building / Mission Planning / Train to Compete
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Spend the Day with Stew Smith and other former Special Ops Team members learning the Special Ops Mindset when it comes to business, unit cohesion, or athletic team building. We can personalize a day of fitness training, presentations, facilitation of discussions and more. We focus on team building and business development, tactical and/or athletic fitness training or a combination of all.

Team Building Create a working team environment by defining clear goals and plans that are easily communicated up and down the chain of command. We can personalize a program for your team or company and create a physical event and/or produce a presentation with a facilitated discussion to assist with your Team Cohesion, Mission Planning, and Build a Competitive Spirit to drive growth.

Mission Planning Learn how to use the Five Phase System used by the Navy SEALs and other Special Operation Units to assess any situation and create goals and provide a clear path with contingency planning for any plan of attack / long term / short term goal.

Competitive Spirit Whether you are a collection of individuals or an actual team that needs help with working together on time sensitive goals, learn how and why the competitive spirit can be enhanced to better support the team / company.

Stress Mitigation Life is stressful! Educating your team about the physiology of stress and providing skills to help you personally handle stress. Add fitness and conditioning to not only help the team metabolize stress, but physical activity can help with Team Building and the Competitive Spirit as well.

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