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Your Survival Book / DVD
Your Survival Book / DVD
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As a former Navy SEAL officer and current trainer to Spec Ops students, one thing I believe in is PREPARATION. Having a plan and contingencies for that plan makes the unexpected not so fearful. Preparing for military / special ops training is a MUST, but preparing for the unexpected is a requirement to survive in ANY environment - at home and abroad.

Dr Bob Arnot's book / DVD, "Your Survival: The Complete Resource for Disaster Planning and Recovery" is a thorough reference guide for you and your family. Being prepared for fire, flood, winds, and other natural disasters as well as man-made disasters / attacks is unfortunately something we all need to do.

I liked this book so much, I bought as many as I could wholesale and am selling them at less than retail prices.

"Your Survival" is complete with checklists, links, phone numbers for emergency response, and lessons learned from some of the worst disasters in U.S. history.

If you never expect something bad can happen you, you likely have no plans, contingencies, or are not ready to react.

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