Stew Smith's Tactical Fitness Training - For Military, Police, Fire Fighters & Special Ops - aka Tactical Athletes

Tactical Fitness Book
Tactical Fitness Book
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Are you trying to become a tactical athlete but constantly feel that developing your weaknesses is taking away from other strengths? Check out the program that works all the elements of fitness in a balanced way to build a better Tactical Athlete.

Over the past decade, Military, Police, Fire Fighter and Special Operations fitness has morphed into a new fitness genre called tactical fitness. Developed by a former Navy SEAL and building upon Special Ops fitness techniques, Tactical Fitness is designed to train you to perform to the rigorous physical training standards at the same level of excellence required of these Heroes of Tomorrow.

At the core of this program is the Tactical Fitness Test which measures 12 standards for your physical capacity, including: cardiovascular conditioning, strength, muscle coordination, and stamina. Tactical fitness means having the skills needed to save lives and extend the limits of your endurance whether you are in the military, police, firefighting professions, or just an everyday hero.

Designed for both men and women, Tactical Fitness presents a series of scaled workout plans—programs based in calisthenics, cardio, and swimming—supplemented with weights, full-body exercises, and functional athletic movements. Unique skills presented also include rope climbing, grip strength, carries, wall climbs, and much more.

Learning the right methods to get TO and THROUGH military training make the effort of becoming physically prepared well worth the time. Do not be in a hurry to get to training – go when you are ready!

If you are serious about physical preparedness success and you really want get TO and THROUGH military training, check out the Tactical Fitness Series to help you with more details of running, rucking, swimming, calisthenics, lifting, and overall preparedness for military and special ops training.