Tactical Strength - Become a Beast In the Weight Room - Here's How...

NEW - Tactical Strength
NEW - Tactical Strength
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Is strength your weakness? If you are a cardio animal, consider Tactical Strength. This BOOK is the lifting program used by Stew Smith and his Military, Police, Fire Fighter fitness program called the Heroes of Tomorrow. It is designed to build strength in the upper body, legs, and core to prepare you better for any load bearing activity (rucking, boat carry, log PT, etc). The program also does not neglect cardiovascular activity and will end workouts with rucking or swimming (or other non impact options (row, bike, elliptical) if needed. The cardio workouts will be quick and fast focusing more on speed and agility than long slow distance.

We also use the Tactical Strength Test featuring the following events:

1. 25-Pound Pull-up:

2. Max 12 rep Bench Press:

3. Deadlift (1.52 times bodyweight):

4. Squat: Can you squat 1.52 times more than your own bodyweight?

5. Strongman Pull-up hang: This will test your grip.

6. 300-Yard Shuttle run: (6 x 50 yard shuttle).

7. 5105 Pro agility Test:

8. 50-Pound ruck: Rucking 4 miles

9. Kettlebell Swing: 5-minute test using the kettlebell swing or snatch movement.

10. 500 meter Swim with Fins: Any stroke.

Mastering these events will help prepare you for the rigors of any tactical profession and selection program.

Learning the right methods to get TO and THROUGH military training make the effort of becoming physically prepared well worth the time. Do not be in a hurry to get to training go when you are ready!

If you are serious about physical preparedness success and you really want get TO and THROUGH military training, check out the Tactical Fitness Series to help you with more details of running, rucking, swimming, calisthenics, lifting, and overall preparedness for military and special ops training.

Bottom line: You get a book - Tactical Strength - that will eliminate your weaknesses - especially if that weakness is strength, power, and speed. This periodization program is the winter lifting phase we have tested for over 20 years with amazing results. If you need more work with endurance (running / swimming) and higher repetition calisthenics for muscle endurance, then consider The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness.