90-Day Beginner Workout Program

90 Day Beginner Program
90 Day Beginner Program
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Looking for a place to start? This is it. This is designed for all beginners who need to focus on weight loss and basic conditioning. Give as a gift or buy it for yourself and start moving. Even if you have not exercised in years, this book can slowly get you on your way to a new and leaner you. Plus, Stew is here to help you out along the way - just email him at stew@stewsmith.com.

This program has helped thousands lose 20-25 lbs in 45-90 days! Now added the 45 Day Intermediate workout chart to this program = total 90 day workout!


Easy to download, view on computers, pad, smart phones, even print out!

From a customer:

"Not knowing where to start I plugged in weight loss/workouts in to Google and began my search yours was my 4thsih site and it was exactly what I needed. I followed the 45 day plan, the stretching guide, the work out plans the run plans, I went from 313 to currently 209 (just 9 more to go for the army and then more during basic) from not being able to do one push up to doing 70 on average every other day,from sit ups that hurt after 10 to doing 100+ with no problem, from having a rough time walking 1 mile to running 3.5 miles every other day with a 2 mile time of 19:21 (still working on that). My wife is cannot believe the different man I am today. Once again thanks for the great site." Jason

This product is a downloadable ebook in PDF format. You do not need a E-reader device and you can place this file on your computer, your phone, or print it out even.

For book version see below.

Feel free to email me anytime at Stew@StewSmith.com and join us on Facebook too at www.facebook.com/stewsmith182


90 Day Workouts in SOFTCOVER
The 90 day printed version of Stew Smith's eBooks present the same workout but in a different format. Also - added for a bonus is the 45 Day Intermediate chart.

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