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Online Training with Stew Smith
Online Training with Stew Smith
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Product / Service Description

Do you need personalized assistance with your training goals?

Don't train alone. Each week, Stew Smith will provide you a weekly training plan and your feedback helps to create the next week. So it is not a twelve week plan and see you later - we work with you every step of the way.

From weight loss to advanced performance, we can help you with weekly workout plans with direct feedback from Stew Smith as needed.

The ONLINE PT CLUB: Since 1998, this TWELVE WEEK Personalized Program has helped many thousands. It is designed to help you get in the best shape of your life or prepare for any PFT you have to take. The Online PT Club enables you and Stew Smith to discuss weekly (or more often if needed) your fitness goals, progress, and motivation. New workouts arrive each week as you share feedback of previous week's workout accomplishments.

Stew will send you one week of workouts and discuss your feedback via phone or email to make the following week's exercise schedule until you complete the twelve week program. Let Stew help you FIT fitness into your schedule because -

There are a few options for you with online training:

52 Week Plans (see below) are only $100 but are generic plans for those in the beginner/intermediate zone and those in the Spec Ops Fitness advanced category.

12 Week Personalized Coaching - $350. Return customers are lifetime reduced $150 ($200) for future 12 week plans. Here I personally design programs that fit into your life. We have to communicate at least weekly to make this work best for you so you are never alone doing this workout plan.

Remember! "The Motivated Find Us." But we can help you find that motivation too!

Call using the number listed above or email Stew Smith - - about the program and fill out the questionnaire using the link below: _______________________________________________________


The Online 52 Week Training Cycle for Beginner/Intermediate Level

This is a 52 Week program that emails you ten or more workouts per week to choose from that can be done with a gym membership using machines or at home using very little equipment (dumbbells / floor space).

Fill out the questionnaire below as well as feel free to email Stew Smith - your trainer / author of these workouts.

You will receive each week a program that has five workouts for a home gym or weight room as well as five workouts using basic calisthenics / dumbbells. Cardio workouts enable you to select from several different options from walking, biking, elliptical, swimming, rowing, etc. But basically at this level of foundational fitness, we want you to just move and you can select the method that you want to burn the fat calories off your body.

What you get: weekly workouts emailed to you

- email the author with specific questions for your goals

- food plans

- motivational phrases and stories to keep you going

Join us as we do the workouts for a solid year and help you stay motivated and moving toward your fitness goals.


Beginner / Intermediate Plan

The Online 52 Week Training Cycle for Beginner/Intermediate Level BeginOnlinePTclub
Stew Smith's 52 Week Training Cycle (Spec Ops Level)
OPTION TO PAY MONTHLY (Recurring Payment Subscription)

Now a Special Ops based fitness program has reached its 250th week of programming featuring the latest techniques and training used by ALL Special Operation Forces in the United States military and law enforcement (SWAT).


Join us as we create a perfect Five Year Plan that includes functional movement weight training, high rep calisthenics, sprinting / agilities, long distance running / rucking, swimming, swimming with fins, TRX, Kettlebells and other cardio and resistance training options. These events are spread throughout the year in a logically progressive routine to create increases in strength, speed, stamina, endurance, as well as prevent injury.

Programs Follow Periodization Training Guidelines:

The Science of Periodization: The program follows a 52-week periodization cycle complete with scheduled peaks and tapers of running and/or rucking, swimming or other non impact cardio, calisthenics, weights, and the TRX. The workouts are new to the public and tested out personally by our group prior to publishing. We focus on creating logical progressions spread out over a period of a year.

ONLY $100 for a full year of new and unpublished workouts. OR PAY MONTHLY ONLY $15 / MONTH WITH RECURRING PAYMENTS VIA PAYPAL.COM (UNSUBSCRIBE ANY TIME)

Monthly Member / Spec Ops

Stew Smith's 52 Week Training Cycle (Spec Ops Level) 52weekONLINEworkout
Re-enlistment BONUS - Save $150 - Return Clients of PT Club
Once a return customer - ALWAYS - a return customer. Re-enlist into the PT Club - save $150! You will continue to save $100 each 12 week plan you purchase after your first 12 week cycle. Many people stay on the plan for multiple years. We currently have clients on the Online PT Club who have been with us for over 5 years. Once of our record customers is 10 years!

This is for the Online PT Club repeat members. Join again for another 12 week program and save $100.

Enjoy our Customer Appreciation Sale...

$199 per 12 weeks
Re-enlistment BONUS - Save $150 - Return Clients of PT Club returnclients
Premium Online Coaching with Stew Smith
Work out online with Stew Smith and reach your full potential with fitness / health / other goals. You get:

- Weekly workout personally developed for you sent every week for three months or until you receive 12 weeks of workouts (5-6 workouts / week or more if needed).

- Daily email / text contact if needed

- Weekly Phone conversations

- Bi-Monthly Skype Coaching Sessions - no time limit but usually average 50-60 minutes. We focus on your fitness, performance goals, but also open up to other areas such as motivation, business, nutrition, stress mitigation, fitness recovery skills, and other topics you need advice on.

- Video critiques of swimming, running, other events as needed.

- Please feel free to call Stew Smith with the Need Help Number above or email at before purchase if you have questions.

$699 for Three Months

*This is a big commitment so call me before making this decision - serious clients ONLY!

Call me - 410-271-0837

Stew Smith CSCS

Fill out questionnaire using the link on this page.
Premium Online Coaching with Stew Smith OnlineCoaching
Six Week Version of the PT CLUB
Six Week Version of the PT CLUB
Here is a Six Week plan personalized for you and your goals. It works just like the 12 week plan but you get six weeks PLUS a week 0 (assessment week).

Not quite ready to commit to the twelve week plan? Feel like testing the waters before you leap? Or you may just not have 12 weeks to train? Whatever the reason, we are here to help. Each workout is personally designed for you each week and your feedback helps us create a better following week for you. No matter what your goal is: weight loss, health, athletic or tactical performance, trainer and fitness author Stew Smith CSCS will help you figure out a plan for your journey.

Call Stew Smith for more information if you prefer to talk to a human prior to your purchase. See number on above / right of this page.

Contact Stew by email:

PRICE - $175
Six Week Version of the PT CLUB 6weekPTCLUB