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NEW - Tactical Mobility

NEW - Tactical Strength

Tactical Fitness

Navy SEAL Weight Training Book

(12 Weeks to BUDS) - Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness

Maximum Fitness - Navy SEAL X-training

Special OPs Workout

The SWAT Workout

The Combat Swimmer Stroke Video (Download)

The NEW PreHabit Fitness DVD

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Tactical Fitness - For Military, Police, FireFighters & Special Ops
NEW - Tactical Strength
The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness (12 Weeks to BUDS)
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Sale price: $17.95
NEW - Navy SEAL Weight Training book
Maximum Fitness - Navy SEAL Cross-Training (52 Week workout)
The Special Ops Workout
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Navy SEAL Exercise / Workout APP
"Navy SEAL Exercises with Stew Smith" features 115+ Navy SEAL exercises and is an invaluable tool to maintain peak physical performance. Now with new workouts available in APP purchases.
The Combat Swimmer Stroke Video (MP4)
Tactical Mobility
NEW - Warrior Workouts (Vol 1)
The Tactical Fitness Trilogy (Tactical Fitness, Strength, Mobility)
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Sale price: $40.95
The Periodization Trilogy
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