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Military / Special Forces Training
Stew Smith CSCS, former Navy SEAL and Fitness Author has created over 40 different fitness programs to prepare you for any MILITARY / LAW ENFORCEMENT / Fire Fighter physical fitness test (PFT) and any follow on training to advance your career.

Stew Smith specializes in Tactical Fitness - Fitness with a purpose. Most workouts are 6-12 weeks long and are easy to follow each day. Plus if you have questions - just email the author!

Feel free to email Stew Smith along your journey if you have any questions about the workouts or training in general at stew@stewsmith.com.



ARMY - Military Training (Bootcamp to Special Forces)Ace NAVY Fitness - From Basic Training to Special WarfareUSMC - Marine Corps / Military Training (Basic Training to RECON)
Air Force - Military Physical Training from Bootcamp to PJ/CCTUS Coast Guard Fitness - SAR includedService Academy Workout - Ace the CFA / PFT EBOOK
NEW - Combat Conditioning Workout - Advanced eBook
The PFT Bible:  Most Common PT Test in US Military and Police Academies
The Military, Police, Fire Fighter PT Test Survival Guide
Prepare for Special Ops Running:  USMC, Navy, AF, Army Programs
The TRX Workout - Tactical Style Fitness
NEW - The Weight Vest Workout - Tactical Workout
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Navy SEAL Exercise / Workout APP
"Navy SEAL Exercises with Stew Smith" features 115+ Navy SEAL exercises and is an invaluable tool to maintain peak physical performance. Unlike other apps based on books, "Navy SEAL Exercises with Stew Smith" was created in collaboration with Stew Smith, a former Navy SEAL (see below for more about Stew Smith). Each exercise has a video and description produced by Stew exclusively for this application. Whether you are training for the armed forces or are just interested in improving your health, "Navy SEAL Exercises with Stew Smith" is the ultimate companion for your workouts.

Now with new workouts available.
NEW - 100+ Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise