Ace the PAST - Air Force PJ/CCT / CRO/STO Workout (downloadable version - updated 2019)

Ace the PAST - Air Force PJ/CCT Workout
Ace the PAST - Air Force PJ/CCT Workout
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Reach your Air Force goals and prepare for the Air Force Special Warfare programs with this advanced level PAST Test and Prep Course and Selection training guide. Now with CRO / STO workouts included. This twelve week program will first prepare you for the AFPJ/CCT PAST and the CRO/STO PFT standards as well as the follow on training you will experience in the pipeline to become a member one of the Air Force's Elite units.

AF PJ training is about as tough as it gets! You need several months of rigorous training prior to attending this school AND tons of water exposure! Get comfortable in the water and fit enough to survive any training!

Train hard - so "Others May Live". This is an advanced program that will prepare you in running , PT and swimming, and pool drills. Ten weeks worth of workouts long and packed with information and workouts and tips to help you prepare for a grueling training pipeline.

These programs will help prepare you for all the steps of getting TO AND THROUGH your training: Basic Military Training, Air Force Special Warfare Prep Course, and the follow on selection programs of Air Force PJ, CCT, and STO / CRO training pipelines. If preparing for the other jobs of the Air Force Special Warfare - SERE, SOWT, TACP, EOD, this program will definitely to that BUT has significant swimming in it. If you are doing a job that does not require swimming, you should replace with rucking or more running to prepare for the land warfare training in your future.

***This is a downloadable fitness program****

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