Beginner Fitness Program: Start Here! 90 Day Plan and More...

General Health and Fitness - Weight Loss
Do you need to start training again? Do you have goals of weight loss for your overall health, or do you want to serve your country / community, but are failing to meet the height / weight standards?

Start getting back in shape HERE. We can help you with the process of going from out of shape to fit in a relatively short time.

Some of these ebooks below are for a basic level of fitness. These are designed for building a foundation of fitness on which to grow into more intermediate / advanced levels.

Most workouts are 6-12 weeks long and are easy to follow each day. Plus if you have questions - just email the author!

Feel free to email Stew Smith along your journey if you have any questions about the workouts or training in general at

Easy to download, view on computer, smart phone, pads, even print if you wish!


Easy to view on computers, phones, pads, even print them out!


"I've read your articles over the years and have used your material personally and as a mental health therapist. I am a Ship Shape program presenter and I've been involved in weight loss and eating disorder groups as a provider. I just wanted to thank you - your material is always so practical and helpful. Thanks so much!"

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

IF you prefer the BOOK, there is an option to purchase the PRINTED BOOK version in the descriptions of the EBOOKS (if it is available in book format).