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Online Training with Stew Smith
Online Training with Stew Smith
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Do you need personalized assistance with your training goals? Stop wasting time and don't train alone. Start seeing results. The Stew Smith PT Club Program - Online Coaching - One on One with Stew Smith Delivered ONE week at a time.

This is what you get!

My online program works like this:

Each week, I will provide you a weekly training plan and your feedback helps to create the next week. I work with you every step of the way.

Each week / during the week we discuss how the week is going / answer questions / concerns / make changes if needed. We move through the 12 week plan one week at a time and if there are weeks you prefer to repeat (or need repeat due to illness / busy) it does not count as one of your weeks.

You can re-up too at a reduced price as well after 12 weeks (save $200 for every future cycle you purchase).

We have some people on the program for over 5-6 years now so it is up to you when you are done. Check out this testimonial:

From a current active duty 50 year old military member (40 weeks on the PT CLUB): *Contacted you for help in getting back in top fitness after repeated attempts that resulted in stop start due to injuries and lack of variation. *I have increased my ability to do work overtime, stamina, durability and motivation *I have completed at least three PT Tests during this time resulting in scores: 297, 295, 290 and always reaching Army Airborne standards *I have changed my sleep patterns resulting in increased rest and healthier lifestyle *I have diagnosed the ego issues resulting in injury and have begun to seriously work towards eliminating them *I have been able to reach Spec Ops PT numbers (best score: 500 yard swim 8:49, push ups 82, sit ups 80, pull ups 15, 1.5 mile run 11:00 min) *I am consistently ranking in the top of every PT Test event except the run...the skinny young guys are still beating me there *I have received countless comments about my appearance and dedication, especially from those who are aware of my goal. I'd say 2019 was a good year! Let's keep it going!

Let Stew help you FIT fitness into your schedule because - this is a good deal.

We have to communicate at least weekly to make this work best for you so you are never alone doing this workout plan. Remember! "The Motivated Find Us." But we can help you find that motivation too! From weight loss to advanced performance, we can help you with weekly workout plans with direct feedback from Stew Smith as needed. See link below for more information.

Call using the number listed above or email Stew Smith - _______________________________________________________


Premium Online Coaching with Stew Smith
This Programs is ONLY for Those Who Are Serious - But Need a Little Extra Motivation - Sometimes We Need a Workout Partner

Do you need a program that actually works for you? We can build it personally for you and your personal goals and help you fit it into your day with the equipment you have available. Let us be your training partner and coach.

Many people ask me what is the difference between the Premium Program and the Online PT CLUB Coaching. The people on either program receive personalized training from me - Stew Smith - to best fit your abilities, goals, time per day, days per week, facilities, and equipment. We communicate regularly about your progress and your feedback helps me create the next week plan for you. There is no template workout and see you later. These programs are created 1 week at a time with YOU and ME in communication to figure out how best to create the next week.

However, the Premium Program gets even more of my time. We talk more, Zoom Meetings, daily texts, emails, mainly to be a voice in your head to get it done. Consider it the workout partner to get you moving first thing in the morning or after a long day of work. I am there to provide just a little more if you need it.

People who use this service are not seeking special ops programs - you better not need external motivation for what you are trying to accomplish!

The customers on the Premium Program are regular people who have a work and family life, need basic health and wellness advice, and have fallen off the wagon over the years. Getting back into moving regularly, eating better, and avoiding injury sometimes require a little extra help. That is what this program is for. However, we do have some athletes who still compete in this program but require special attention due to a long journey of aches and pains they have accumulated over the years. Mainly, this is for people who need just some extra attention, motivational assistance,

Work out online with Stew Smith and reach your full potential with fitness / health / other goals. You get:

- Weekly workout personally developed for you sent every week for three months or until you receive 12 weeks of workouts.

- Daily email / text contact as needed

- Phone conversations (as many as needed per week)

- Weekly Skype Coaching Sessions - no time limit but usually average 30+ minutes. We focus on your fitness, performance goals, but also open up to other areas such as motivation, business, nutrition, stress mitigation, fitness recovery skills, and other topics you need advice on.

- Video critiques of swimming, running, other events as needed.

PRICE: $799 for Three Months BUT the 12 week plan is not limited to time. If you need two weeks to finish a workout, you do not lose a week. We are not done until you have completed 12 weeks of training. Then it is up to you if you want to sign up again.

There are many who have been on the Premium or PT CLUB programs for over 5-6 years in a row now and can score as high on a PT test as many 20 year olds - even though they are in their 50-60s!

- Please feel free to call Stew Smith 410-271-0837 or email at before purchase if you have questions. I completely understand about talking to a human before making this investment in yourself.
Premium Online Coaching with Stew Smith OnlineCoaching
Re-enlistment BONUS - Save $200 - Return Clients of PT Club
Once a return customer - ALWAYS - a return customer. Re-enlist into the PT Club - save $200! You will continue to save $200 each 12 week plan you purchase after your first 12 week cycle. Many people stay on the plan for multiple years. We currently have clients on the Online PT Club who have been with us for over 5 years. One of our record customers is 10 years in still!

This is for the Online PT Club repeat members. Join again for another 12 week program and save $200.

Enjoy our Customer Appreciation Sale...

$199 per 12 weeks
Re-enlistment BONUS - Save $200 - Return Clients of PT Club returnclients
Online Coaching - Fitness Over 40 - PT CLUB with Stew Smith
Whether you are over 40 or nearing 40, or high level athlete still working hard or someone needing help getting back into shape, the FITNESS40+ Program is for you.

All coaching is personally performed by Stew Smith CSCS and he will tailor a program to fit your goals, using your facilities / equipment, fitting into your schedule as needed.

After the #1 ranking of the book: Tactical Fitness for the Athlete Over 40 - Actively Pursuing Recovery and Maintenance, it is evident that there is a need for training programs for the aging tactical athlete. This is also a place for the person who used to be hardcore but needs to start training for a variety of reasons.

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced athletes are welcome. These are personally designed for you, your level of fitness, abilities, time per day, facility and equipment access. Check it out and never stop training again!

This is a TWELVE week program like the Original Online PT Club, just catered to the group of aging athletes for all levels of fitness. And 12 weeks is not time based, it is performance based. This means if you want to repeat a week twice or get ill and miss all your workouts, you do not lose that week. We just repeat the previous week and move on when you are ready. Some 12 week plans can take 18 weeks or more depending upon the individual.

If you need to talk to a human before making this commitment, please feel free to call 410-271-0837.
Online Coaching - Fitness Over 40 - PT CLUB with Stew Smith Fitness4plus
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