Law Enforcement / SWAT Fitness Testing Prep Guides: Start Training Today and Learn Tactics All LE Recruits Need to Know

Police &  Fire Fighter Training

These are not just books / ebooks, they are road maps to you achieving your dream job of service to your country or community!

Like the military, most branches of our government law enforcement agencies (Local, State, Federal), Police have to pass a fitness test. Going to the Police Academy or FLETC unprepared can make a challenging course of instruction even more challenging. Do not make the physical training be stressful on you. You can better concentrate on your job at hand if you arrive at your training programs in top shape. Not just barely passing the minimum standards but reaching the top ten percentile of scores. You can do it with any of Stew Smith fitness plans specially designed for various law enforcement tests.

Fire Fighters can now use the latest of Stew Smith's fitness series to prepare for an annual fitness test, or for candidates seeking to ace the CPAT at the Fire Academy.

The Fire Fighter Workout and the Safety Diver Workout were developed over the past year with career and volunteer fire fighters from all over the United States and Canada - to include the FDNY. This plan will help you prep for THE ROCK!

Most workouts are 6-12 weeks long and are easy to follow each day. Plus if you have questions - just email the author!

Feel free to email Stew Smith along your journey if you have any questions about the workouts or training in general at


Easy to download, view on computer, smart phone, pads, even print if you wish!

IF you prefer the BOOK, there is an option to purchase the PRINTED BOOK version in the descriptions of the EBOOKS (if it is available in book format).