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90 Day Beginner Program
A Variety of Workouts for All Military Types
Ace Any Obstacle Course Race eBook
Ace Boot Camp: The ALL - Forces Boot Camp Training Course
Ace BUD/S: Navy SEAL Workouts Training Course
Ace NAVY Fitness - From Basic Training to Special Warfare
Ace Navy SWCC Training
Ace the CPAT - The Fire Fighter Workout Program
Ace the FBI and DEA Academy - State Police Workout Program
Ace the FLETC PEB (Gov't Contractor PT Test) with this Workout Program
Ace the IFT / OFT - Air Force Special Warfare Workout EBOOK
Air Assault School Article
Air Force - Military Physical Training from Bootcamp to PJ/CCT
APPS - Stew Smith Workouts in APP Format
ARMY - Military Training (Basic to Special Forces)
Army Air Assault School Workout
Army Airborne Fitness
Army Airborne School Workout Course
Army Ranger Article
BabyBoomer and a Flat Stomach - Fifty Days to FIT!
Basic Home Gym Workout Section
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Bootcamp Article
Busy Executive / Mom Workout with Travel Options Program
Calisthenics and Cardio Workouts (only) EBOOK
Circuit Training 101 eBook
DEA Fitness Article
Fall and Winter Lift Cycle (24 weeks) EBOOK
FBI Fitness Test / Academy Workout Volume 2 eBook
FLETC Article
General Health and Fitness - Weight Loss
Gift Certificate
Green Beret Article - Special Forces
HRSS Article
Increase Strength (Lifts) and Crush the PST / PAST Tests (Run, Swim, Cals) EBOOK
Marine Corps PFT / RECON / Marsoc Workout
Military / Special Forces Training
Mississippi Fire Academy
Motivation to Change your Life
Navy PST (Phase 1) Navy SEAL, SWCC, EOD/Diver, Rescue Swimmer, SARC EBOOK
Navy SAR & Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Workout
Navy SAR and USCG Rescue Swimmer Workout EBOOK
NEW - 100+ Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise
NEW - Combat Conditioning Workout - Advanced eBook
NEW - The Weight Vest Workout - Tactical Workout (eBook)
Online Coaching - Fitness Over 40 - PT CLUB with Stew Smith
Online Training with Stew Smith
Police & Fire Fighter Training
Premium Online Coaching with Stew Smith
Prepare for Special Ops Running: USMC, Navy, AF, Army Programs
Prepare for the USMC IST and PFT
Public Safety Diver Workout
Re-enlistment BONUS - Save $200 - Return Clients of PT Club
RECLAIM YOUR LIFE - The Erin O'Neill Program by Stew Smith
RECON Article
RECON Article
Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization - Fall Transition Cycle (NEW)
Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization - Spring Progression Cycle
Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization - Summer Peak Cardio & Cals
Service Academy Workout - Ace the CFA / PFT EBOOK
Spring Training: To and Through Selection - Increase Endurance and Maintain Strength (3:1 Block Periodization)
Stew Smith's Published Books
Stew Smith's Spring - Summer PT / Cardio Cycle EBOOK
SWCC Article
Tactical Fitness 40+ Rebuilding the Foundation (part 1)
Tactical Fitness 40+ Taking It To The Next Level (part 2)
Tactical Fitness for the Athlete Over 40 - Recovery / Maintenance (ebook)
Tactical Fitness Over 40 - Ready to Compete
Tactical Fitness Over 40 Series
The DEA Special Agent PTT Workout (ebook)
The Military, Police, Fire Fighter PT Test Survival Guide
The Navy SEAL Grinder PT Phase 4 - Mental and Physical Toughness Workout
The Obstacle Course Racing Ebook
The PFT Bible (Pushups, Situps / Plank, 1.5 mile run)
The PFT Bible: Most Common PT Test in US Military and Police Academies (ebook)
The TRX Workout - Adding the TRX to Tactical Fitness
The Upper Body Round Robin Workout (UBRR) Course (eBook)
The USMC Officer Candidates School - (OCS/TBS)
Twelve Week Army Ranger / Special Forces Workout Program
US Army PFT Workout - OCS, ROTC, USMA, Bootcamp
USMC - Marine Corps / Military Training (Basic Training to RECON)
Winter Lift Cycle - Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization (NEW)