Basic Home Gym Workout Section

Basic Home Gym Workout Section
Calisthenics, TRX, Weight Vest, etc - ALL LEVELS

Are you worried about getting out of shape when gyms are closed?

Do you not have much equipment to use?

Do you need ideas to train at home with minimal equipment?

Check out the programs below for more details on what you need for space and equipment as well as what level of fitness ability. You will find something for every fitness level but all of these workouts have fairly limited equipment required to do challenging workouts.

If you see a cardio option you do not need to do (swim / rucking) or do not have a bike or elliptical, that is fine, skip and replace with another cardio activity from walking to jogging or jumping rope to running stairs. Time to get creative with your training if you want to stay in shape as well as work off some stress.

The list below features books and ebooks that are designed to be accomplished with minimal equipment. Make sure the level of ability matches your own or alter to fit your ability as needed / desired.