The Obstacle Course Workout - Prepare for Military Courses or OC Racing

Ace Any Obstacle Course Race eBook
Whether you want to join the military, special operations, police, or fire fighting professions, OR you want to race and compete in the new and exciting Obstacle Course Racing events, THIS Workout is for you.

This ebook is a PDF file and the sales helps support the Heroes of Tomorrow ( with FREE workouts / training programs to prepare for any public service profession. There is an eight week beginner / intermediate cycle of workouts that builds up with a logical progression of weights, calisthenics, and running workouts.

There is also an advanced eight week program for people who are very fit and want to compete in Special Operations programs and / or challenging Obstacle Course Races.

The workouts simulate obstacle courses with techniques how to get over most common obstacles as well as running intervals that will build up your in between obstacle speed.

The Fire Fighter and Army Combat Readiness Test Workouts are designed to help you prepare for those obstacle course tests specifically.