Online Fitness Coaching for Any Fitness Level for Ages 40+

Online Coaching - Fitness Over 40 - PT CLUB with Stew Smith
Online Coaching - Fitness Over 40 - PT CLUB with Stew Smith
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Product / Service Description

Whether you are over 40 or nearing 40, or high level athlete still working hard or someone needing help getting back into shape, the FITNESS40+ Program is for you.

All coaching is personally performed by Stew Smith CSCS and he will tailor a program to fit your goals, using your facilities / equipment, fitting into your schedule as needed.

After the #1 ranking of the book: Tactical Fitness for the Athlete Over 40 - Actively Pursuing Recovery and Maintenance, it is evident that there is a need for training programs for the aging tactical athlete. This is also a place for the person who used to be hardcore but needs to start training for a variety of reasons.

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced athletes are welcome. These are personally designed for you, your level of fitness, abilities, time per day, facility and equipment access. Check it out and never stop training again!

This is a TWELVE week program like the Original Online PT Club, just catered to the group of aging athletes for all levels of fitness. And 12 weeks is not time based, it is performance based. This means if you want to repeat a week twice or get ill and miss all your workouts, you do not lose that week. We just repeat the previous week and move on when you are ready. Some 12 week plans can take 18 weeks or more depending upon the individual.

If you need to talk to a human before making this commitment, please feel free to call 410-271-0837.