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The USMC Officer Candidates School - (OCS/TBS)
The USMC Officer Candidates School - (OCS/TBS)

Product / Service Description

Lead By Example! Are you worried about meeting the USMC standards at OCS or keeping up with the pack at TBS? Go to USMC OCS in the shape of your life with this program to help ace the standard USMC Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Pullups, plank, and running are featured in this program accompanied with weights as optional training tools as well. Get yourself ready for PFT, CFT, ruck marches, obstacles courses, and other events with this tough PT program.

Now with 12 weeks of training!


Comments from current USMC Officer:

"It is due to your USMC OCS / TBS Workout that I have been able to increase my PFT from 195 to 270 in a period of 8 weeks. I got fully contracted to attend USMC OCS in June 2010."


Download NOW!  But, if you prefer the BOOK version, see the link The USMC Officer Workout - Prepare for the PFT, OCT, and TBS. 

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