Ace Navy Air / CG Rescue Swimmer Training (Updated 2020)

Navy SAR & Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Workout
Navy SAR & Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Workout
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Now with 10 Weeks of Workouts!

The brave men and women of the Navy and USCG Search and Rescue Swimmers are a tough breed who need to prepare long before boot camp for their follow on training. Whether it is the PT test to get to the training or tough swim PT workouts to get through the training, this workout book will help you fully prepare. Go to Navy and Coast Guard boot camp and Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Course in the best shape of your life.

Check out the new downloadable ebook and start training today. This DOWNLOADABLE workout is perhaps one of the more challenging workouts involving running, swimming, and countless reps of pushups, flutterkicks, situps and pullups. This program will definitely prepare you for the workouts at HRSS - it is up to you to become so familiar with the water that it is comfortable in stressful situations.

This workout will help with your water confidence and overall fitness so you can focus on the task at hand and not be too fatigued to continue training.

If you prefer the BOOK version see this link and have it mailed to you. 

Good luck and feel free to email me if you are any problems with this or any of my programs.

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