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"You will never think about quitting when you think about winning." Stew Smith

IMAGINE THIS: You arrive at BUD/S, unsure if you are fully prepared, but after a few days, you soon realize you got this! These programs will do that for you. Sure, the journey will be difficult and your WHY will be challenged in the year of BUD/S and SQT, but you can rest assure that you will be physically prepared. This confidence will help you to keep the thought of quitting out of your head. You will build mental toughness one day at a time - Get on a program today!

Are you worried about challenging yourself with quite possibly the toughest training in the military? Are you durable enough? Do you have the work capacity to last all day and well into the evenings?

Check out the programs below and learn HOW to Train for the following United States Navy Schools with these downloadable eBooks and gain access to your online coach - former Navy SEAL / fitness author - Stew Smith. Email Stew if you have any questions about the program. Stew Smith is considered as the "Personal Trainer to the Heroes of Tomorrow" and is dedicated to helping you reach your goals of serving our nation in any capacity you may choose.


Testimonial from Naval Officer:

"When I was enlisted, a buddy of mine had your Navy SEAL workouts. We did pushups and other calisthenics together when we were off watch, and stayed in pretty good shape. Most of all, we challenged each other and had a damn good time.

That buddy of mine is now a Senior Chief EOD tech and I am now an Officer - recently made LCDR. Your books are direct, simple, and accurate. Thanks for all of the good work you do. See you out there.

_____________________________________________________ I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for helping me achieve my lifeís dream. With your help I was able to finish Navy Dive School. Iím an old guy so this is especially gratifying considering I was training daily with kids in their teens and a little over. You helped me stay motivated and with all the information on techniques to improve your PRT scores I was able to finish. Thank you again for your help. The Navy Dive School is saying I was the oldest to ever complete the training (48). __________________________________________________________

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