How To Master The PST In Less Than Ten Weeks

Phase I - The Ten Week SEAL Workout for Beginners
Phase I - The Ten Week SEAL Workout for Beginners
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Are you ready to take your current training to the next level and continue preparing for a challenge that few are fully ready to start? You have to start somewhere and if you are having problems with getting competitive scores on the PST, this program is for you.

Then once you crush the PST and get your ticket to go TO BUD/S, you have to prepare yourself to get THROUGH BUD/S. Check out the three part series that will push you to your limits and build your work capacity and durability to handle back to back to back days and weeks of SEAL training.

This Workout is designed to help you ace the Navy BUD/S, EOD, Diver, Rescue Swimmer PST. Are you meeting minimum standards on BUD/S Physical Screening Test (PST), but can't do the workouts in the Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness yet? This workout will help you build up to intensity of future programming.

Stew Smith's proven programs work for people who do the workouts. Get access to Stew Smith when you buy his eBooks. This is customer service you cannot put a price on. Just email Stew at for answers to your questions about fitness and military training.

THE TERM BEGINNER - If you are still having a hard time reaching the minimum standards of the Navy BUD/S PST - then you are perfect for this training program.

Download and Start Training Immediately!

HOWEVER, If you prefer the BOOK version, See link to Navy SEAL, EOD, Diver, SWCC PST WORKOUT BOOK and receive it in the mail ASAP.