"Exceeding the standard IS the standard!"

Are you tired of wasting time and not getting anywhere with your fitness programming? Are you fearful of failing fitness test? How about advancing your training to get to Special Ops level conditioning? We can help! Stew Smith Fitnes is a fitness information company focused on fitness testing programs for entrance into military, special operations, police, and fire fighting communities.

Our passion is tactical fitness - in fact we train local hudreds of young men and women for free more than 500 hours a year for nearly 20 years now. Your purchases help us operate our FREE training for the Heroes of Tomorrow.


Best selling fitness author, Stew Smith prepare young men and women for any profession that requires a fitness test as well as prepares them for the follow on training they seek. If your fitness may one day be the difference between life and death in your profession, then it pays to add fitness into your daily schedule.

Who are we? Your purchases help us do this! Check out this video:


Hundreds of articles focused on fitness performance in preparation for military, special operations, law enforcement, and fire fighting professions is one segment of StewSmith.com.

Specific programs for FBI, SWAT, Navy SEAL, Ranger, Special Forces, Marines, RECON, Rescue Swimmer and many, many others make up a portion of the library that helps thousands for these jobs each year. Weight loss programs for beginners but with a performance fitness theme are also available. So you will not only lose weight but get into shape at the same time.

No diet pills here! Just smart eating and logically progressive workouts for you to achieve your goals.

So, if you are looking for workout programs to help you ace any fitness test and follow on training of any military, police, or fire fighting training, we can help you at Stew Smith Fitness.



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