Army Training Programs - When Failing Is Not An Option

ARMY - Military Training (Bootcamp to Special Forces)
Train for the following United States Army Schools with these downloadable eBooks and gain access to your online trainer - former Navy SEAL / fitness author - Stew Smith. Email Stew if you have any questions about the program. Stew Smith is considered as the "Trainer to the Heroes of Tomorrow" and is dedicated to helping you reach your goals of serving our nation in any capacity you may choose.

Boost your Army career by mastering the Army PFT as well as other courses of instruction the Army has like:

Recruit Training, Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger, SFAS, Q Course...etc

Now it is not just the APFT you must prepare for, but you need to master the OPAT and the new ACRT. The Army PFT Workout has been updated in 2018 to answer all the fitness test changes occurring this year.


"I am a 19D(Cavalry Scout) in the US Army stationed at Fort Bliss(2-1AD, 1-1 Cavalry, Apache Troop). I just scored a 260 on my Army PFT and I thought I was in decent shape, Then a Special Forces recruiter came to our troop looking for volunteers, I loved the sound of it and I decided to go for it. He told me to go to your website and download your book on SF/Ranger prep workout. I can already tell this will be challenging and if the SF recruiter also speaks highly of your workouts, then they must be good! I just want to extend my complete thanks and Hopefully at the end of week 10, I will crush SF selection. Thank you very much for how much you are giving back to the whole military community with your books! I will definitely be looking at getting more."

"Four Months Later: Got selected! Thanks so much for the preparation with the Ranger / SF Workout. The rucks, runs, lunges, and upperbody PT were spot on. I was always competitive in every event! Thanks sir."